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New Year New Me

Every New Year people begin to make resolutions for the next year. Although I’ve never been one to make resolutions, the year 2024 is when I start. From what I know, people set important goals, but as the year goes by they begin to get left behind. I have been brainstorming for ways to keep myself motivated. Reminders can help, but I know I will ignore my phone, and Google Home reminders will get lost in the business of life. I think I have found a solution…..

There are many methods to improve memory including recognizing one’s metacognition. When we understand how best to remember something, we can apply it to our lives. We can create strategies. Many people do things such as set reminders or write on their hands. 

I think a great strategy is embroidery. Adding little reminders to specific pieces will help remind me and motivate me. 


One example, I can get a patch that reads “fruitful” on the cuff of my favorite sweater. This would remind me of my goal to eat more fruits and vegetables. Another example would be my goal of doing my homework assignments early. I would add “Graduate ‘24” to my mousepad. I use my computer every day for homework or watching television. This reminder will help me push myself to do my homework first, before watching TV.  

These small touches seem insignificant, but once placed in daily life will make a difference. 

I would also pick colors that stand out to me. It is good to do dark on light or light on dark so that it is visibly noticeable. 

These reminders would help me stay on top of my goals. It would ensure that I keep up with my goals

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