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Custom Embroidered Patches in Los Angeles

Custom Embroidered Patches in LA


Do a Google search for embroidered patches and you’ll find hundreds of sites. Most list a US address but they route to an offshore location, typically China, India or Pakistan.

Our patches are made in the USA, reflecting our values of quality, community, efficiency, sustainability, transparency, and collaboration. We prioritize delivering exceptional patches while also supporting local businesses, contributing to the economy, and minimizing our environmental impact. As part of the American manufacturing tradition, we take pride in showcasing the skill and dedication of our team through our high-quality patches that embody the spirit of American craftsmanship.

Why Are We Different From Others?

We make patches here in our shop. Many of our customers come in and go over the details of their order while others communicate via email. And yes, some still use the telephone. – Remember the telephone?

Ordering embroidered patches sends a message of identity and expression to all. From selecting the finest threads to choosing the optimal stitching techniques, our embroiderers are laser-focused on ensuring every patch is perfect!


At Mr. Stitch, patch-making is an art form taken to new heights through unparalleled craftsmanship. Our team of skilled artisans is passionate about our embroidery craft and focuses special attention on every stitch. Each patch is embroidered with skill and care, ensuring uncompromising stitching. With decades of expertise, the artisans at Mr. Stitch create visually stunning and intricately detailed award winning patches that are embroidered to last!

Patch in commemoration of NETLIX winning an Emmy Awards

Patch in commemoration of NETLIX winning an Emmy Awards


Let’s Get Started!

Send us your design and use this handy form below. We’ll get in touch with you quickly and add suggestions if needed.

Stand Out with Custom Embroidered Patches

Los Angeles has served as a creative inspiration for many years for many artists and dreamers. Located in Sherman Oaks, Mr.Stitch Embroidery helps illustrate creative passion. With high quality embroidery, showcase your unique style. Stand out with a personal design that displays your originality. Using top-notch embroidery supplies to make durable designs that are built to last. 

Patches are carefully made to create personalized emblems. Names, artwork, and logos are commonly created to accentuate creativity. Patches are a long lasting way to create personalized pieces.

Stand Out with Custom Embroidered Patches
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