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Film Reels

Mr. Stitch has proudly collaborated with leading costume designers, stylists, and creatives in the film industry.

fall-guy-gosling- jackets by Mr Stitch.png

 Ryan Gosling

We have worked with Gosling's team on films such as First Man and his most recent The Fall Guy. 

Costumes bring characters to life on screen. They can transport audiences to different worlds and eras, becoming iconic looks that elevate a movie.

Teen Wolf

Mr. Stitch worked with the Teen Wolf team to create those famous Beacon Hills lacrosse shirts for many years. In the final additon of the series, the movie, we did the same. 


The Kingdom

This film starring Jamie Foxx also stars the name tag patches created by Mr. Stitch. 


The dark comedy thriller has become one of the most streamed movies ever. We were able to work on a blanket project for them. 

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 4.06.03 PM.jpeg
41346 BESPOKE BOHEME 110738 in 2044.jpg

Tropic Thunder

A Ben Stiller comedy from 2008 that

Mr. Stitch did some backpack embroidery.

Tropic Thunder.png
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