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Abbot Elementary

Abbott Elementary is a fun mockumentary-style comedy. 


A League of Their Own

The Iconic movie received its own Amazon adaptation as a television show. The women's baseball team wears their team logo proudly. They look amazing with their Mr.Stitch patches.

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Wrexham is a professional soccer club located in Wales that was acquired by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny in 2020. We created the team patches for the television show Welcome to Wrexham.


Parks And recreation

The hit comedy series aired for 7 seasons giving us many laughs as a mockumentary style show. Leslie Knope showed us we can do anything we set our minds to auch as being a Pawnee Ranger. Patches made by Mr. Stitch were used in episode "Pawnee Rangers."


White Lotus

White Lotus is a fictional hotel with many stories. The employee costumes were one of the many things we got to do for this show such as the hotel towels.

Fresh Off the Boat

We helped make the girl scout costumes come to life with their troop name patch! 


Drop the Mic

Drop the Mic was a TV show based on the rap battles done on the Late Late Show starring James Corden. We created patches for them. 

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