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Calling all Drumstick lovers! And by that, I don’t mean a chicken leg.

Updated: Jan 22


The Iconic Drumstick ice cream was created in 1928 and famously named “Drumstick” due to its uncanny resemblance to a cooked chicken leg. The creation of a cone with vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and coated in peanuts has been the go-to ice cream cone for many people. 

Its flavors melt perfectly in harmony and are beloved by ice cream lovers everywhere.

My personal favorite is the mint drumstick, I’m a sucker for the mint and chocolate duo, but nothing is more iconic than a classic drumstick. It is the original sundae cone. It was the product of innovation as before then ice cream was hard to transport. The problem with transporting an ice cream cone was the material it was made of. The ice cream would melt too fast to take anywhere. It would make the cone soggy. Luckily, by coating it all in chocolate (inside the cone and on the ice cream) this issue was resolved. We have been able to take the treat and transform it into a beautiful patch that has the perfect details that make the icon what it is. 


A delectable covering, a hard chocolate shell that melts in your mouth surrounded by crunchy peanuts. Underneath, a mountain of soft vanilla ice cream filled down the tip of the cone. The sugar cone with all its perfect crossing lines tops it all off. The Drumsick logo stands out in its bright red color, perfect with its drumstick “i”. It is a patch using mainly fill stitches that make sure there is no black background to be seen, besides what is intended to be seen. 

We have had an exciting time putting this together. We even had some drumsticks ourselves due to patch-induced cravings. The final product is something we love.

Made with love and feelings of forever summer.

The Mr. Stitch team


Here is the first advertisement done by Drumstick that includes the patch! Take a look:

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