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Color Tips

Colors can be much harder than people think. There are so many different shades, combinations, and colors that are so similar, will anyone tell the difference? With so many options, it can get overwhelming. Here are some tips for picking colors. 

Tip #1

Identify key colors

What are the basic color(s) needed? Keep it simple, things such as I need red, yellow, and orange. 

Don’t go into the shade needed. Find your basic colors first. 

Tip #2

Keep in mind the garment color 

This is very important. Colors can appear different once placed against the garment. It is best to pick the color in person with the garment needed. The colors can clash against the garment or blend in too much. A good reminder is light-colored garments, stronger colors, and vice versa (Dark garments, lighter colors). This is good for people who don’t want something monotone. A monotone look can be chic and subtle.

Tip #3


Once you get into the shades needed, take a breath. Pick 2 of the closest or 2 of your favorite shades. 

Tip #4

Don’t stress

Sometimes, we can get stuck between two extremely similar shades. If you can’t tell the difference, neither can anyone else. Either option will be okay as long as it’s the basic color you want. Go with your gut! If you find a certain color attractive, it’s for a reason. 

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed as embroidery is permanent and you want it to be perfect. That is very understandable, just don’t forget to enjoy the process. It’s exciting to see the outcome. I have been wanting to get my favorite denim jacket embroidered, but have not been able to pick a color. That is what inspired this blog.

I hope these tips will help you out through your embroidery experience. 

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