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Creative Vinyl

In the creative world of vinyl, there are many things one can do. Starting simple,

Names. Vinyl is a great way to add a name to just about anything! Names and numbers are often put on jerseys for teams or to support those teams. 

You can also come up with one-color designs. Here’s one I thought would be cute. It’s an effortless design. It can be done in two ways. For the first, a simple “Hi” would be cute. I am a fan of girly things so I picked a font I thought would showcase that. 

The second option would be to print a shape around it. Why? This would allow for the writing to be peeled out, leaving it open. This means that when pressed on, the bottom color of the shirt will come through. It is more of an eye-catching design. Many things can be created by using your imagination! 

There are so many ideas that can come from using vinyl. As a frequent vinyl user, I have seen what it can do. If you want to do something special, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. We can create something unique. With digitizing items, there are more possibilities. This would allow for more layers to be possible. Layers allow for more colors to be used. It also allows for more complex designs. I do not recommend more than 2 vinyl layers. It can be tricky to align. We were recently contacted to recreate the back of an old jersey on the same jersey. It was a unique and tactical request. Everything had to line up perfectly with the old markings. We were successful and we were happy the customer was pleased with all our hard work.

For projects of 2 colors or more, I normally recommend a DTF. This has no color limit. It also allows for more complex designs. This is also a heat-pressed solution that is long-lasting. It can be done with any design you can think of. I have seen many bright-colored DTFs done. They look clean and allow someone to have the full range of creativity in the design. DTF is a great way to do smaller and larger orders. They can range in size from small to very big to create designs for all shirts and needs. For example, Tree of Life was able to get these baby onesies with their logos. Others have done projects that include full-back designs and a small logo on the left chest. They can also be placed in creative places such as on hockey bags. We were able to place a company's logo on the inside of the bag due to its unique design.

These methods are available here at Mr. Stitch! You can always contact us to see what method would be best for your project.

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