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Elevate Your Style

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Custom embroidery is the modern way elevating your style with embroidery. This process allows for intricate details to be put in your design that may not be accomplished with hand embroidery. It has been around for many centuries, originally crafted by hand. Today, creating a unique look involves using artwork, logos, different fonts, and thread colors.

Placing embroidery on pieces creates luxurious art that make powerful statements. Patches can be added to any piece your heart desires. They can be made in multiples to bring a touch

of your character to many pieces. These touches can showcase any and all parts that are the makeup of who you are. This can include heritage, nature features, monograms, art, and logos. Embroidery shares impactful messages that share your story. It highlights your truest self with every stitch. Eye catching embroidery can upgrade your closet with your personal expression. Are you silly, serious, joyful, or anything in between? Showcase it all!

Embroidery is long lasting making it a sustainable way to add your special spark. Once a design has been digitized, its possibilities are endless. It can be used to cover a hole, stain, or unwanted design. This will allow you to continue using pieces that you love instead of throwing them out.

Home décor is another way to fill your space with personality. Art pieces and photos can be embroidered to proudly display around your home. Elevate your space with pieces that bring you peace or show off some of your favorite photos captured forever in threads that will allow you to come into a space that is truly your own.

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