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Embroidery on Film

Updated: Apr 10

Embroidery can be showcased in many ways. When people think of embroidery the first things that can come to mind are projects such as monograms, names, and small stylistic designs. What most people don’t know is that embroidery plays a big role in Hollywood. Embroidery is often seen in movies and films. We’ve worked with costume designers and prop teams to bring many worlds to life.

In costumes, embroidery can be as small as a name on a jacket or monogrammed towels, but these details are what truly bring characters and worlds to life. A simple name on an item can make a character unique with a signature look. A simple team logo or crest placed on costumes can make all the difference between telling apart the heroes and the villains. It can also be used to know where someone comes from such as a baseball team. They may have a patch with their home state name as part of their uniform. Sometimes, there can be hidden clues in a character’s clothing. Hidden messages can be seen in the form of patches or embroidery. Next time you see a jean jacket full of patches, keep an eye out for what that says or represents. You may be able to get an inside scoop of the character’s personality, background, or key story details and foreshadowing. Besides movies and films, embroidered

details can also be seen in performances and music videos. It shows who the artist is through art and customization. Companies putting ads together may show off their company logo by displaying it on the actor in the ad. They may also use real employees, in uniform with their embroidered logo displayed prominently.

Many prop teams use embroidery to set the scene. Each world is unique from the atmosphere to the furniture, each stage has meaning. Oftentimes embroidery is best to bring certain realities to life such as setting the scene for a hotel. A room of someone who is very organized and detailed may also have specially made items such as embroidered pillowcases, robes, and sheets. Characters may have items they are attached to, are significant, and can’t live without with a special embroidered design. A message can be placed on a treasured item that is a central theme of the film.

There are endless possibilities for embroidery in film, including cast and crew gifts. Once a show or film has wrapped, many projects put together commemorative gifts for those involved. It is a great way to remember the memories from projects and keep them close to their heart. Many cast and crew jackets, shoes, shirts, etc. The flexibility of a patch makes for endless possibilities. If you happen to notice anyone with the logo of your favorite show along with the season number or year number, they may just have been a part of putting that story together.

Here at Mr. Stitch, we have had the pleasure of working with many studios and productions. We love working with them to help be a part of the magic and stories these people are bringing to life. Mr. Stitch Embroidery was commissioned by SPACEX to create the INSPIRATION patch for their Super Bowl commercial to give an example. We were also able to with the costuming department for A League of Their Own on Amazon Prime to bring to life the iconic women's baseball team logo for their baseball uniforms.

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