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Fandom your Way

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Fandoms have been around for a long time. People engage in their favorite stories, worlds, people, and characters. As a fan of many things, I always seem to want to connect with those worlds I dream of. One way I enjoy doing this is through embroidery.


Take your pick, any pick. There are so many worlds to immerse yourself in. Some of my favorite fandoms are Star Wars, Nintendo, and Steven Universe. These are worlds that have been able to transport me to new realities. They have filled me with joy, love, heartache, and shock. I love being a fan. Many shops have wonderful merchandise to represent one's love for these places, characters, and stories. There are moments when something I want does not exist. There are specific things I’d like to use to represent my fandoms in my way or with clothes I already own. In Embroidery, we can not use copyrighted material, but we can use original designs and names. We can also have fonts digitized.

Be your Own Designer

There are a few things I’ve dreamed of. For example, let’s take Steven Universe. He’s a fun, loveable cartoon character. It’s not often I can find merchandise that I like in this fandom. Something I have always wanted is a jacket that shows my love for this show, but I have never been able to find something that is in my style. Here is what my idea is:

We begin with a bold red bomber jacket

Add the “Steven” name on the left chest with a star underneath it. Gold thread.

The perfect everyday jacket with my own touch of Steven, Steven inspired.


A part of fandoms not yet covered are musicians. Our favorite singers and songwriters dedicate their lives to making songs that express how we feel or make us want to dance. I am a big fan of Harry Styles. For a Harry Styles-inspired look, I’d go for something more hidden. Picture this:

A plain white T-Shirt

On the right sleeve an embroidered cherry in bold red and green.

On the left sleeve, it would read “Coucou, tu dors?” in red lettering. This is a part of the ending of the song in which Mr. Styles plays an old voicemail from a French-speaking ex-girlfriend. It translates to "Hello, are you sleeping?"

These subtle details would show my love for his music subtly.


Show your love for your favorite team! Or mix and match fandoms. You can add your name to the back of a jersey and your favorite number. Seeing a band at a baseball stadium? Add their name and the year on the back! It's a great way to add a special touch to a jersey and create a long-lasting unique souvenir.

We made this for a customer heading to the first night of the 2023 Jonas Brothers tour in New York. How exciting!

There are so many ways to show love to your favorite characters, people, and places. These pieces would be unique to you making them extra special.

I hope this brings some inspiration to you for your next project.

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