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Super Bowl Super Fan

Super Bowl weekend was a big weekend here at Mr.Stitch Embroidery. It is an exciting time for football fans everywhere as their favorite team could be competing. Whether it’s cheering for a favorite team or hating on a team, you can not deny the fun of the Super Bowl. At the shop, we had some people on opposing teams, but nonetheless, we teamed up to work on these patches.  

This number meant a great deal for the person who ordered them as they used them to cheer on their favorite player in an important game. It’s always great to help fans with projects. Sports build community and offer a space of passion and adrenaline to those who seek it. The Super Bowl brings together friends, significant others, and family members to cheer on their favorite teams. 

This client placed the embroidered numbers on a pair of shoes to attend the event. Talk about creative placement! Fans bring so much spirit life and creativity to what they wear and how they represent their love. Each player has a personality that fans resonate with and support. This person was able to show that with these patches. 

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