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Unleash Your Creative Designs with  Embroidery!

At Mr. Stitch Embroidery, we specialize in custom embroidery that will help you unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

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Multicolored Spools of Thread - Custom Embroidery Los Angeles

Every piece is as unique as you, the only limit is your imagination. Personalize your style with custom embroidery. From elegant names to intricate designs, make your  pieces shine with your own distinctive touch. Showcase your creativity by embroidering on the garment or make high quality patches to add your design to anything. Personal touches can be perfect to make any gift extra special or to unveil your individuality. 

Personalize Your Style with Custom Embroidery Service

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Mr. Stitch Embroidery, bringing embroidery to life in the heart of Sherman Oaks. 

We specialize in custom embroidery services offering digitizing, embroidery, logo embroidery, shirt embroidery and many more custom embroidery designs. Embroidering them on garments and work custom embroidery apparel supplied by us or our customers. With roots in the apparel business, starting in 1921 with our Los Angeles store, Zellman’s Menswear has served the Southern California continuously and with pride for almost 100 years offering outstanding and custom embroidery services.

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Unmatched Quality Stitch Embroidery 

We are dedicated to the creation of exquisite embroidery with an emphasis on unmatched quality. Located in Sherman Oaks, Mr. Stitch has created embroidered pieces that last. Each project is made with careful attention to design details. That is why we have had the pleasure of working with companies such as Netflix, Universal Studios, and CBS. With fast turnaround times and ensured quality, you can trust that Mr. Stitch is reliable. We make sure that your voice is heard in each custom piece detail. Each project requires attention to details that allows each piece to be extraordinary. At our store we have samples of past work in the showroom. 

Custom Embroidery Los Angeles

Custom Embroidery in Los Angeles

Custom Embroidery in Los Angeles

Mr. Stitch Embroidery delivers premium custom embroidery in Los Angeles. Since the early 1990’s, Mr. Stitch has crafted amazing embroidery to the LA area and beyond. With exceptional customer service and embroidery work, Mr. Stitch has shown time and time again that they have the best custom embroidery service. Mr. Stitch has been a great addition to many television costumes, personal projects, and company uniforms. Having the specialty of custom embroidery, there are many thread and twill options available for all your embroidery and patch needs. Their Los Angeles based custom embroidery allows for easy pick up and fast rush order turnaround time. Their experience and expertise speak for themselves when looking at a piece that comes from Mr. Stitch. Come into the  custom embroidery shop in Los Angeles and take a look at some of their sample custom embroidery pieces.

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Sampling of our Patch Work


Mr Stitch Embroidery

In Los Angeles where artisans and craftsmen add vibrancy to the heart of the City of Angels, a notable embroidery company stands as a beacon of creativity- Mr Stitch.  With a long history of serving creative minds and designers, Mr. Stitch prides itself on customer satisfaction and fast turnarounds.  Mr. Stitch is LA’s premium destination for all things embroidery.​

  • What do I need to get started?
    If you have an image that you want embroidered, email or bring it into the shop. We’ll let you know if it will work for embroidery. If not, we’ll make suggestion on what to edit.
  • Why do you need to digitize my logo? I can give it to you in any format you want, AI, PDF, JPG etc…
    If your image is not already converted into an embroidery format, it will not run on embroidery machines. Graphic files are good for viewing an image, but the machines won’t know what to do with it. Should you bring in an embroidery file not digitized by Mr Stitch, we’ll try it, but can not take responsibility for the quality of embroidery.
  • Can I bring in my own garments or do I need to buy yours?
    Either way. We have some of the newest styles made just for embroidery embellishment. You may also bring us your own garments.
  • OMG!!! I need to get my job finished tomorrow. HELP!!!What do I do???!!!!
    Relax. This is pretty common and Mr Stitch is setup for just this kind of emergency. In most cases, we can turnaround a job very fast. Rush fees may apply.
  • How much do you charge? Is it by the letter?
    Embroidery is custom work and we need to see what you need done before quoting. Email us your project and we’ll return with a quote. If we need clarification, or if you need clarification, we’re just a phone call away.
  • I have this cool Disney picture I want embroidered. How much?
    Stop right there partner. Mr Stitch does not, and will not embroider copyrighted or trademarked materials, unless you have permission to use it from the owner.
  • I want you to embroider this fine print. Any problem?
    No problem. BUT, try writing the same size letters with a felt pen on a paper towel. Thread can only embroider so small, and some fabrics accentuate the look. We suggest a minimum font size of .25” height. Much smaller is a challenge.
  • How big can you embroider my image?
    Our hoops max out at 17”, so we can embroider a bit smaller than that. This is a size for very large jacket back embroidery and framed artwork. We can go larger on non-contiguous patterns. Call or email us for more info.
  • I have only one thing to embroider. Do you only take large orders?
    We accept both large and small orders. Even if you need just a cap embroidered, or a name on a shirt, we’d love to work with you.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    After placing your order, any cancellation will incur a minimum 20% cancellation charge. Merchandise that is currently in production cannot be canceled.

FAQS About Our Embroidery Services

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