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Be Prepared: Turning Holidaze into HoliYays!

As we have reached the month of November, we are looking at the final months before the new year. This means the holidays have arrived. Happy times, family vibes, and gift stress. I love finding people gifts, but it can get stressful. Once December approaches the rush and panic to find gifts sets in. Although it can seem a ways away, holidays always come quickly. Today is 11/15, 8 days before Thanksgiving. This is the season when many people enjoy getting stockings embroidered, company gifts, and personalized presents. It is important to be on time.

My recommendation this holiday season is to get an early start.

Early Bird

The early bird gets the worm. In this case, the early bird gets their gift on time and saves money. As the holidays are here, turnaround times get longer as there are more orders to fulfill. Currently, we are at a 10 working day turn-around time. It is crucial to get your gifts in early. November is the time to place your orders.

Why November?

November is the time in which people are primarily focused on Thanksgiving. This allows for a shorter turnaround time versus December. It will allow you to also have more thought-out ideas. For example stockings. Getting your name on a stocking makes it your own and special. Fonts make a difference. You have more time to think about what font you would like and if all will get the same or different. For example, each person may have the same font, but also a symbol that represents them. If I was getting my name done, I’d like it to be my name with a heart after it in a cursive style font. It showcases who I am and lets me love it even more.

Enjoy the Holidays

Ordering something last minute can be stressful. Questions flow through your mind.

When will it be ready? How long will it take? Why did I wait?

Preparing with time will allow for your stress and anxiety to be reduced. Breathe easy this holiday season.

Having everything prepared allows more time to enjoy the festive times.


The later, the more expensive. Rushing an item can be costly. This is due to the pending orders that have set turnaround times. Although rush services are available, expect to pay more. A rush fee will allow you to get your item when you need it. Getting a head start will let your pocket take a break from all the extra holiday expenses that arise.


Now that we have said earlier is best, let's think of some ideas that will make your gifts pop.

  • Blankets: Is there a new baby in the family? Keep them a warm bundle of joy in a personalized blanket. It would be a great family keepsake that Mom and Dad can hold on to. We have cute colors to pick from as well as sweet and stylistic fonts.

  • Jackets: A cute jacket is a great gift. I have gotten some over the years that I love. When it gets cold, I bring them out and remember those who gave it to me fondly. As a kid, I'd lose my jackets at school or fight over whose jacket was who's with my sister. Adding initials to hidden parts of jackets makes them easier to find and everyone knows who's jacket is who's.

  • Designs: Names and initials are always great on gifts, but designs are even better. My little cousin is obsessed with bunnies. She even has one as a pet named Roro. Getting her a gift with a bunny on it and the name Roro would make her ecstatic.

Little Details

At the end of the day, the little details mean so much to someone. Taking the time to think of ways to make a gift extra special shows the love and care you have for someone.

Happy Holidays!

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