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Charity as Sweet as Ice cream

National ice cream day brought many people out for the sweet treat we know and love. It was also the launch of Paul's Ice Cream Company. They were rocking some custom T's by Mr. Stitch Embroidery during their viral event. They were able to place their company logo on the left chest

to showcase their ice cream style. Their stylistic logo stands out on each item they place it on.

We were also able to add the logo to the sleeve of Kim's launch day dress! It was a unique idea that made it stand out.

Their ice cream company was able to raise money for No Birthday Left Behind. They specialize in giving unhoused children a birthday party.

Paul's donates 10% of all everyday sales to charity.

We wish Paul's success forever!

We have had the recent pleasure of another order! We are adding their logo to team shirts and more dresses! Take a look...

It's great to see how thriving businesses come up with unique ideas to further their brand's style. We were lucky enough to try Paul's coffee ice-cream. Our team loved the flavor!

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John Edwart
John Edwart
11 aug. 2023

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